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Watermelon Seed Tea

Herbalists have traditionally recommended this tea for clarifying and detoxifying the body by stimulating healthy kidney and bladder functions. Prepared as a tea, it is described to aid in reducing disturbances in the bladder and kidneys. To make a tea from Watermelon Seed, the whole seed is required, including the hull. If not, you will lose much of the beneficial effects of this medicinal tea. Our seeds are freshly harvested each season and cut and crushed to release their distinctive properties.
Described in the Edgar Cayce Health readings, Watermelon Seed Tea was recommended for its diuretic properties. Cayce also described this mild flavor tea to flush and cleanse the bladder and kidneys, relieve inflammation and improve healthy urine flow.*

  • Aids Bladder & Kidney Disturbances
  • Clarifies & Cleanses
  • Supports Healthy Urine Flow
  • Enhances the Body's Detoxification Process
  • Edgar Cayce Product

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  • 'Many years ago, I had recurrent urinary tract infections which couldn't be successfully treated with modern medicine. This went on for a year and a half. I had a fever the whole time! Baar's Watermelon Seed Tea had me totally well in 2 days!'

    J.P., Cincinnati OH

  • 'This product was recommend to me to lower my blood pressure. I was using it (Baar Watermelon Seed tea) twice a day morning and evening. In about 30 days it lower my blood pressure 30 points. I am very please with the out come. I don't have to go blood pressure pills.'

    J.G., New York, NY

  • 'Watermelon Seed Tea is great, it works to clean and balance the kidneys. I have used this product during fasts, and for purification of my system. My wife who was recently diagnosed with (type II) has successfully brought her blood sugar to normal with no medication, and is now in the process of purifying her kidneys to remove toxins.'

    T.G., Adrian, MI